Christian Law Enforcement Mission


Donna Moon Clark


I have a passion for law enforcement officers and their family. I was married to a law enforcement officer for years. It was a difficult job for him many days. They see things that you and I can't even think of that goes on and other situations that are not pleasant. The calls sometimes would weigh heavy on his mind and heart, especially when children were involved.

When we get a ticket or get stopped for something we are doing we want to immediately dislike them but when we need help or someone is in danger we call for law enforcement. This organization gives support to the officers which is greatly needed as so many of them and their family need a support team.

I have joined this mission and I have always been told to sow your seed where it will sprout and grow and you will see the rewards in your life. I had been sowing seed into something that just did not feel right and things came out that the group was not what it projected. So I started sowing here and I can tell you God has blessed me and my family. The officers need to know God, for they face a horrible world each day they are working. So if you want to place your seed where the fruit will grow and the harvest be rewarding then pray about sowing with "Christian Law Enforcement Mission". God Bless.