Christian Law Enforcement Mission

Guiding Principles

CLEM Guiding Principles

Christian Law Enforcement Mission

Leadership Guidance Principles of Operation

To present a unique blend of leadership with the 5-10 (Acts 5 vs10) understanding of obedience to the 6-13 (Romans 6 vs13) assignment of becoming a servant working for the good of mankind.

To attend identified gatherings of Law Enforcement leadership, where we will encourage and welcome attendees, as well as distribute copies of “Law Enforcement Life Reference Manuals” free of charge.

Present at each gathering of called leadership, tried and proven historical spiritual understanding and application that leadership requires to be both spiritually secure and strongly obedient to their Commander.

Providing an understanding of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and how this Trinity serves as their Commander in their leadership application and care of their called/assigned Law Enforcement family.

Teaching these leaders that an obedient leader has his Commander’s strength to hold to the teaching of faith, patience, love, and endurance. The spiritually strong leader will have God’s power, because of the Holy Scriptures inspired by God and the ability to teach the truth, rebuke error, correct faults, and give instruction for right living to his entrusted team. The leader, because he is serving God, may be fully qualified and equipped to do every kind of good deed.

Also sharing that everyone who desires to live an obedient life being committed to his commander, will experience difficult times and people who will challenge.  This may come in the form of greed, boastfulness, conceit, insults, and hating what is good,  even though offenders will hold to the outward form of their religion, but reject its real power. The Commander rescues his called leaders.

The ending goal is to assist leadership in developing a mature understand of their leadership calling from their Commander.