Christian Law Enforcement Mission

John & Kathy

John & Kathy Yearwood



To my bothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

Brother Tim Eldred came into my wife and my lives around 45 years ago. Actually Tim came into my whole family’s life after mine. Tim has absolutely made a life of telling people about Jesus Christ and how our Lord changes lives by believing in the promised salvation that only comes through The Son God, Jesus Christ. 

Tim understands the trash of this life that drags us down, for he’s been through it also.  He was there for my wife and myself as I fought alcoholism and sin and at the same time claiming Gods Promises. He’s been there in prayer and support my whole family’s life and many other families lives. For sometimes the road of righteousness is fought for, as it was in mine and many others.

   Quite a few years ago Tim saw a need to help spiritually the personal lives of law enforcement. After all law enforcement daily work has to deal with the most depressing people in the world. He saw how it affects the officer and their family, for there are more ugly days than pretty days in a officers life. He saw the side affects and how a officer must keep his guard up, but underneath is a real person that knows he’s doing right but real emotions are always on the officers mind.

    Tim saw the spiritual need and the personal need in law enforcement officers lives, and has now given over 30 years of his life in trying to be a friend and spiritual leader to law enforcement. As scripture tells us, keep sowing the seed, for we do not know where or when it will sprout. Well Tim has definitely done that, and no one knows how large of a crop his constant battle has produced.

   My wife Kathy and I support Brother Tim Eldred and his never giving up attitude and drive to show others the way to God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

He’s is truly sincere about his convictions to help others. I hope you will receive him well, for he is real!  And so is “The One” he representing.

 John & Kathy Yearwood