Christian Law Enforcement Mission


A Note to Sheriffs


Sheriffs, along with Chiefs and Law Enforcement Division Directors are called to a unique position of responsibility that is not understoodby the world around them. They are
addressed in the Holy Bible as “Called” or “Selected” by God to serve those given by Him for their
protection, care and safety (Romans 13: 1-5).

These leaders, however, have the overview and sometimes interference of a system called “Politics”. Unfortunately, this political activity tends to try to control the leader’s sworn duties,
placing undue strain on responsibilities. Both the outside and the inside of the agency
experience the turmoil.

Having to select, train and develop a successful staff remains a constant challenge for leaders in that many employees have various self-interpreted job descriptions, rather than those required as standard operating procedure (SOP).
Following employees completion of certification you must also manage a potential lack of primary discipline in the employee’s life outside law enforcement. These stated points are examples of expertise required to succeed at the calling God has placed on the Law Enforcement leaders.

As Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Chaplains, the Christian Law Enforcement Mission (C.L.E.M.) team has trained for years with the hands-on challenge of riding and serving during critical situations, hurting with the deputies and acting as their personal chaplains. This time in service, experience, understanding and spiritual encouragement are available as God given help for the
Law Enforcement Leader. (Romans 12: 1-3).

C.L.EM.’s calling to work with Sheriffs and Chiefs is to help and strengthen each willing leader to achieve their highest level of service.

Christian Law Enforcement Mission team