Christian Law Enforcement Mission


Team Members/Supporters

Note to Our Supporters

When we, in 2018 as a volunteer Chaplain team, received the call from the Lord to establish this mission to the National Sheriffs’ Association to care for Law Enforcement leadership, We were welcomed and given a no cost display booth at both annual meetings. That gift has been extended to us again for 2019. Read more.....

Upcoming Events

Because of the great response from the two NSA conferences, we are planning to serve in the two 2019 NSA conferences. We have confirmed that will be attending the 2019 NSA Winter Conference in Washington, D.C. on Feb 9-12.

In addition, we have on the drawing board the planning of a three day Summit/retreat for leadership and their families.

Recent Events

We have experienced a unbelievable response in New Orleans. We met and had discussions with 75 leaders from 29 states. The count of “Law Enforcement Life References Manuals”, picked up at the booth or shipped from the orders taken during the sessions held in Washington and New Orleans, exceeded 10,000. 

We are asking our Lord to move on those who are thankful for this report to support prayerfully and financially to insure our ability to continue to serve the Law Enforcement community. The cost total for the two conferences exceeded the funds available and we are praying for help from those who believe in the need for Law Enforcement officers to recognize the spiritual strength needed to administer their God-called assignment. (Acts 13.1)

Because of this great response, we are planning to serve the the two NSA conferences again in 2020.