Christian Law Enforcement Mission

Supporters Note

Note to Team Members/Supporters

When we, in 2018 as a volunteer Chaplain team, received the call from the Lord to establish this mission to the National Sheriffs’ Association to care for Law Enforcement leadership, We were welcomed and given a no cost display booth at both annual meetings. That gift has been extended to us again for 2019.

We are also aware that the Lord Jesus expected us to reach to other Spirit filled brothers and sisters to join and complete the support of this mission team effort.

Here Is Why!

We Need Financial Help! ----- Are you “Called” to join this effort?

We had the unbelievable experience of distributing over 10,000 “Law Enforcement Life Reference Manuals,” and, we are daily receiving, both phone and e-mail requests, for additional manuals and encouragement conversations.

We Need Financial Help! Either one time gifts or monthly assistance.

Here are the current needs based on last years experience (Aug 2017- July 2018)

  • Office and local distribution cost $9,400.00

  • Travel to the two upcoming conferences (Feb and July) $2,600.00

  • Conference lodging for two Chaplains $2,750.00

  • Conference misc. expenses $1,200.00

  • Daily orders and conference freight costs $4,250.00

    Total - $20,200.00

Again we ask? - We Need Your Help! ----- Please join this mission effort?

Christian Law Enforcement Mission team