Christian Law Enforcement Mission

Supporters Note

Note to Team Members/Supporters

When we set up to meet Sheriffs, we realize that there are others there with us. You see, we would not be at the NSA if a number of you had not funded the expenses needed to share the scriptural encouragement along with the administration expenses, display, travel, lodging, and on site expenses for the trip. 

All of the workers here at home or at the conference are volunteer. In February we received $2,500.00 to use for expenses from 12 individuals who wanted to be a part of our team being at NSA in February. We are convinced that there are Christian brothers and sisters out there who will join the CLEM team with gifts and become encouragement for those Sheriffs leading law enforcement agencies with the Lord’s wisdom.

Our chaplains are seasoned with Law Enforcement experience and are driven to serve Sheriffs. Will you help? Christ’s Servants Church developed this ministry in 2003 and with the leadership of Pastor/Chaplain Tim Eldred became very active both the Law Enforcement Summits and also in the National Sheriffs’ Association leading to the Christian Law Enforcement Mission’s (CLEM) present activity. Join the team with your gifts;  (Philippians ch.4.18b) “They are like sweet smelling gifts to God, a sacrifice which is acceptable and pleasing to him”

Christian Law Enforcement Mission team