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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

We are looking forward to attending the NSA winter conference in Washington D.C. February 9-12 to have an NSA evaluation of our specialization services.

We also plan to make personal encouragement sessions for Sheriffs available throughout the year, per requests. (We will also make staff spiritual training available in conjunction with encouragement sessions if requested.)

The following are our budgeted cost needs:

The cost of the administration equipment, travel lodging and on-site expenses for the New Orleans NSA in June is estimated to be $5,000.00.  This is our primary immediate need.

Our ongoing costs for the CLEM Ministries' efforts to reach our nation's 3000+ Sheriffs and other Law Enforcement Leadership comes to about $2,000 monthly. If you would like to support this effort, feel free to contact us, or use the "DONATE TO CLEM"  button below.

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