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Wayne & Lynette Beadle


Wayne & Lynette Beadle

To whom it may concern,
We would like to tell you about a man we volunteered with at the Nashville Super Speedway in Wilson County Tn.    We, along with many other volunteers, cooked and served meals to Wilson and Rutherford County emergency personnel, sheriff’s deputies, medics, and firefighters while volunteering at several different races for several years.

We became good friends with Bro. Tim and his wife Sally at this time. She became ill and passed away, but through all this he still took care of his responsibilities with help of those who knew how compassionate in care of others and we respected him for that.

Bro Tim was our leader in many ways that men of God should do. He always made sure we had everything we needed to serve meals and provided people of God to serve and show people that we appreciated what they did. Bro. Tim always set up a table under the tent where we served personnel meals. He would have tables full of pamphlets and programs that would interest the men and women. He always sat down and talked to the them about the programs, how it would help them, and he would witness to them about God in many ways.

As Chaplain of the Nashville Super Speedway and Rutherford County Sheriff’s Association under Truman Jones, he was very passionate about his responsibilities and dedicated to his officers at all times.  Bro Tim did not cook or serve a meal, but, he served his Lord in many ways. He not only served in this time, but served his volunteers by listening to us when we had family problems or in time of sickness. He was also a pastor to several volunteers and no matter how late we worked on Saturday nights, he would be preparing to preach on Sunday

Wayne and I believe Bro Tim is a great leader, a good addition to any program, and good friend to all. He will always be working to get the best for ones he serves.

Wayne & Lynette Beadle
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Watertown, Tn 37184