Christian Law Enforcement Mission


Letter from Reggie Whiddon


Dear Friends of Tim Eldred,
Several months ago I wrote a letter explaining about a new ministry that Tim Eldred was
launching. Christian Law Enforcement Mission (CLEM). I asked for prayer and financial support
as Tim had an opportunity to attend The National Sheriffs’ Association Winter planning
conference in Washington, DC. Many responded with love, prayers and financial support that allowed Tim to attend the conference; so I want to reach out to you to say thank you and give a brief report.
I decided to accompany Tim to Washington so I might have a first-hand experience in meeting, praying for and encouraging the Sheriffs from around the nation. So, at my own expense, I purchased my travel arrangements.
The NSA meeting was very productive and beneficial. Tim and I set up a display right in a high traffic area that introduced CLEM to all sheriffs. We stocked the table with Bibles for both LEO’s and spouses. To our amazement, many sheriffs stopped by our display to chat and receive a free (Bible) “The Law Enforcement Life Reference Manual”. Many asked if they could take some home for their deputies. Of course we said, “Sure!”We even took orders to ship Bibles to several Sheriffs for their deputies. Overall, we provided more than 1,100 Bibles to LEO’s
through this event.
I personally was blessed to the great number of sheriffs that are followers of Christ. Some asked
for prayer while others just wanted to fellowship. All in all, we were received with open arms
and were thanked for coming.
Tim and I coordinated together to purchase a very professional looking Chaplain uniform. The
uniform clearly identified us as LEO Chaplains and we received many compliments. We also
were encouraged to attend the annual NSA National Meeting in June 2018, held in New
Orleans, LA. At that meeting, there is a potential of being in the presence of nearly 4,000
conference attendees from all over the nation.
While there were only two of us that attended the NSA representing CLEM, there were several
others that worked behind the scene to make it happen. Together, God used us as a team to
share his word with leaders in law enforcement. It all happened because some of you stepped
up and helped send us there with your financial gifts. I want to say a huge “thank you” for your
love, prayers, and financial support.
Now we need additional Help. Pray about a monthly amount or one time commitment you feel
led to give to assist us with this unbelievable twice-a- year opportunity starting in June 2018.
Please e-mail your commitment to Tim at, or use the "DONATE" button below. We need your help!
“We must encourage and support law enforcement leadership!”

Reggie Whiddon

LEO Chaplain